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Guesthouses george A seguir, as duas verses foram comparadas, resultando em uma verso inicial em portugus que foi aplicada a 15 familiares de pacientes com transtorno obsessivo-compulsivo (TOC), com diferentes nveis de instruo, deliberadamente escolhidos para coletar as sugestes de ajuste lingustico.
Subsequentemente, a escala foi retrotraduzida independentemente por outros dois profissionais da sade. Depois de guesthouses george guesthouses george comparar as duas retrotradues, uma nova guesthouses george verso da escala foi gerada em ingls. Essa verso foi revisada e aprovada pelos autores da escala original.
RESULTADOS: A verso em portugus do Brasil da escala FAS-IR mostrou ser facilmente compreendida e pode ser usada em familiares de pacientes com TOC de diferentes nveis socioeconmicos. CONCLUSO: A FAS-IR adaptada ao portugus do Brasil far com que profissionais de sade possam avaliar o nvel de acomodao em familiares de pacientes com TOC e permitir a realizao de futuros estudos com os objetivos de 1) estudar a influncia da acomodao familiar na manuteno e, in possivelmente guesthouses pretoria, na facilitao dos sintomas do TOC e 2) examinar o efeito da acomodao familiar sobre os resultados do tratamento em populaes de pases de lngua portuguesa.
Descritores: guesthouses george Transtorno obsessivo-compulsivo, relaes familiares, questionrios, traduo (processo). Introduction Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterized by recurrent intrusive thoughts (obsessions) which increase the guesthouses george individuals anxiety, typically accompanied by pai george guesthouses guesthouses the urge to perform neutralizing overt or covert actions (compulsions), which are associated with decreased anxiety. These symptoms cause significant distress and interfere with the patients daily routine. 1 Questions have been asked about the familys influence on guesthouses george obsessive-compulsive (OC) symptoms. In fact, studies have shown a 4-5 times greater incidence of OCD in relatives of OCD patients and a high concordance of the disorder in twins, pointing to the presence of genetic factors.
Studies assessing twins guesthouses george and families have supported the guesthouses george hypothesis that OCD is a disorder of familial incidence, and genetic factors have been shown to play a significant role in the expression guesthouses george of the disorder.
2 A guesthouses meta-analysis george was conducted with a sample guesthouses george of 1.209 first-degree relatives of OCD patients and found that the risk of developing the disorder was four times higher than in relatives of controls (8.2 vs.
3 Environmental factors, including family responses to the disorder, may contribute to maintaining or facilitating guesthouses falmouth OCD symptoms.
Family accommodation refers to the participation of family members in rituals, the modification of personal and family routines, facilitation of avoidance behavior, and taking on the patients responsibilities.
5 reported that family accommodation behaviors were present in 88% of spouses or guesthouses george parents of patients with OCD and was guesthouses penang significantly correlated with patient symptom severity, global functioning, family dysfunction, and relatives stress.
Excessive accommodation of relatives to compulsions may undermine exposure-based therapy, perpetuate and reinforce guesthouses george symptoms, and increase the relatives distress feelings.
6 However, little is known about how family accommodation affects the severity and maintenance of OCD symptoms, or how a change in family accommodating behaviors may contribute to the patients improvement or adherence to ongoing treatment.
4,5 namely, the Family Accommodation Scale for Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderInterviewer Rated (FAS-IR), has been used in several clinical studies to assess family accommodation and improve our understanding of this topic.
4 conducted an open trial with 34 relatives of OCD patients to analyze the guesthouses blackpool frequency and rye guesthouses george guesthouses george nature of family accommodation and the consequences of family members refusing to participate in the patients rituals.

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