Guesthouses hermanus We can guarantee that on our Etosha Pan national park tours you will meet people and have experiences with them that guesthouses hermanus will form the basis of lifelong friendships.Some of the finest wildlife viewing in Africa Etosha is a truly epic National Park, offering some of the worlds finest wildlife viewing.
Tucked away in the north of Namibia and stretching across 22,000 square kilometres of unrivalled remote landscape, guesthouses hermanus its a top-notch choice for a totally secluded country guesthouses and surreal safari. The Park rings the huge white Etosha Salt Pan that covers a whopping 20% of the entire Park.
This Pan is the stomping ground to a breathtaking amount of animal life, with vast herds of zebra, giraffe and guesthouses hermanus gatwick guesthouses elephant alnwick guesthouses roaming across hotels guesthouses its cracked white surface and surrounding savannah.
Scattered with odd upside down trees and shallow, salt-heavy lakes, Etosha feels as though its popped straight out of the pages of a Dr Seuss book, making it a seriously special place for a safari. Etosha is home to 114 different species of mammal, including four of the famous Big Five - lion, leopard, elephant and rhino (both black and white).
It also boasts over 400 species of bird and 110 species of reptile. Youll also find 3 rare antelope species amongst its hills and valleys - the lovely black-faced impala, the graceful roan guesthouses hermanus antelope and the dinky Damara dik-dik, Southern Africas tiniest antelope, which stands only 40cm tall to the shoulder as a fully grown adult. The Etosha Pan, a massive swathe of salt pan covering 5,000 guesthouses hotels square kilometres is Etoshas strange but beautiful centrepiece. Measuring guesthouses hermanus an amazing 130 km long and 72 km wide, guesthouses hermanus its something patong beach guesthouses quite incredible to see with your own eyes. Unsurprisingly, Etosha means huge white area or place of dry water in Owambo, and this explains how the Park got its name. Over 12 million years ago, the pan guesthouses northumberland was a shallow lake fed by the guesthouses hermanus trickles of the Kunene River, but shifting tectonic movement in the earths crust has since changed the course of the river, drying up the Pan. Now, its totally unique safari terrain that is difficult to describe in words.
San legend holds that the pan was formed by a young woman whose only child was murdered by savage hunters.
The woman literally cried a river and her tears gathered into a great lake. When the sun shone upon the land, it dried up the water but left the ground sprinkled with salt.
Its true that the pan has a extraordinarily high alkaline guesthouses hermanus content, which serves to attract a whole host of wildlife needing salt for nutrition.