Guesthouses stellenbosch Although it may be clear that furnished rentals are not covered guesthouses stellenbosch by the French law of July 6 1989, which governs relations between landlords and tenants, guesthouses mpumalanga the Civil Code remains unclear on the matter.
A lease entered into as part of a furnished rental must respect common law provisions, and in particular articles 1714-1762 of guesthouses cardiff the French Civil Code are applicable, unless otherwise agreed in the lease, leaving a large amount of leeway. Within this very open regime, only guesthouses stellenbosch furnished rentals which constitute the tenants primary private residence are governed by specific conditions, as set out at article L 632-1 of the French Code de la Construction et de lHabitation (CCH). This article stipulates that: The lease must have a minimum duration of one year if the furnished rental will guesthouses stellenbosch guesthouses stellenbosch constitute the tenants primary private residence (nine months in the case of alnwick guesthouses students) with automatic renewal, unless the owner guesthouses cheap guesthouses edinburgh stellenbosch can justify breaking the lease to sell the property or live in it. The notice period for breaking the lease is three months for the landlord and one month for the tenant.
Rent increases must be indexed against the index de reference des loyers (IRL) These conditions only apply to guesthouses stellenbosch furnished rentals which constitute the tenants principal private residence, and newcastle guesthouses so in any situation in which a residence is provided to a tenant which does not become his principal private residence, guesthouses hikkaduwa the rental is not covered guesthouses rustenburg by article L 632-1 of the CCH. As a result, and based on pattaya guesthouses the general principle that anything which is not explicitly forbidden is guesthouses stellenbosch authorised, these provisions do not prevent short-term furnished rentals. Such furnished rentals providing a temporary residence for tenants are therefore legal and only regulated by the same parts of the Civil Code as any other contract.
Permission to rent a furnished apartment Article L 631-7, which applies to French cities with populations of over 200.00 (including, guesthouses stellenbosch amongst others, Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes, Nice, Toulon, Grenoble and Strasbourg), stipulates that: A change of use for an address used for residential purposes requires prior authorisation according to the rules set out guesthouses in guesthouses stellenbosch vietnam at article L 631-7-1. (our translation) But does this implyas the authorities in Paris seem to thinkthat renting out a furnished apartment in Paris guesthouses stellenbosch requires prior authorisation? There are two answers: - Yes if it can be argued that a furnished apartment is guesthouses stellenbosch no longer used for residential purposes - No if instead we argue that a furnished rental agreement does not change the basic nature of the accommodation or the facilities it includes, with reception rooms, sleeping areas and facilities like a kitchen, bathroom and toilet common to any residential property. Features of guesthouses stellenbosch a furnished rental Furnished rentals can guesthouses stellenbosch be appropriate depending on any one of a number of combinations of social, guesthouses stellenbosch economic and personal circumstances, and provides a solution to the demand for short-, medium- and long-term accommodation for tenants seeking either a primary or temporary residence. This demand for accommodation is legitimate, and by supplying their properties, patong guesthouses stellenbosch guesthouses owners of furnished apartments unquestionably guesthouses stellenbosch add to the attractiveness of Paris as a destination.
Drawing a distinction between places of primary and temporary residence seems arbitrary: one of the reasons Paris is such an attractive and dynamic city is that it offers visitors such a wide range of accommodation options, including furnished rentals.
The current legal framework does not forbid furnished rentals, and does not require the application of guesthouses stellenbosch the compensation principle, which requires French landlords offering short-term rentals to offer twice the surface area as traditional long-term rentals, as long as it cannot guesthouses stellenbosch be demonstrated that a furnished apartment does not constitute accommodation.
Indeed, it seems clear that the compensation principle cannot be applied to furnished rentals in general.